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Healing Through Creativity


Discover the journey of healing through creativity


The Healing Journey


Oct 9 2021, 6pm


The Bible teaches us that we live in a fallen world.

Satan,who came to steal, kill and destroy seeks to rob people of their freedom and their destiny in Christ.While constantly working in our world through sin and sinful behaviour he is leaving behind broken,wounded hearts and shattered lives. But Jesus who is full of grace and truth came to set the captives free and to release those who are broken in spirit.He stretches His hand in compassion to heal and restore lives every day.


We believe Healing is a Journey and not just a one time experience and that we all need a measure of healing sometime in our walk with the Lord .Our Healing courses offer a variety of foundational teachings that enables the receiver to take the right response toward the healing grace of God.

Image by Eddy Klaus

The Healing Through Creativity Seminar

About This Course

This amazing course is for us to discover who we are through our free creative expression .We get to see how God the creator gave us an amazing gift of creativity because we are His workmanship & are made after His own image. This course is a true bridge from the head to the heart and under the Holy spirit anointing enables us to connect with our inner most being to experience deeper measures of freedom in the Lord..


Cost: TBD

Skill Level: Basic

Time Required: 3 Hours

Language: English 

Location: TBD


How The Healing Seminar impacted my life

Attending a healing through creativity seminar was a unique experience that marked me for life ! I never expected when I first signed up such powerful results .The Time i spent expressing in art was not different from any other art class but the amazing team that was ministering alongside probing, asking the right questions and interceding quietly made all the difference .The experience was one of a kind and the presence of the Lord was overwhelming. I received the breakthrough and in depth healing that I needed in the most non conventional way .                           C. George                                                                                               

Interested in joining our next healing seminar?

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