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Our Bible Seminar 
a step to successful leadership 


Bible Seminars 


starts at
 7:00pm EST-time 


Through those seminars we want to see church leaders released in their study of the word and becoming confident to teach preach and interpret the word as never before .

We want to enable them to lead bible study groups in their home churches using the right approach and methodology.

The method taught in the seminar originally dates back to the 1900s and is a simplified version of the inductive approach currently used in many theological seminaries around the word. It has proven to be an effective and accurate tool for studying the scriptures.

During those seminars we study how to observe interpret and apply the biblical passages and how to dig into the text to discover all the truth it presents.

Many students have expressed their fascination as they start to see things they have never discovered before and realized they were missing out by spending years just reading and never studying the bible inductively.

We invite you to come and join the multitudes of Christians nowadays rediscovering the bible as their true foundation for christian living. It will simply change your worldview and build your life.

Sermon in Church

About Our Inductive Bible Seminar 

During this Course

We will train you to observe interpret and apply the new testament and old testament biblical passages and to know how to use external resources so that you can teach the word with confidence.The course was designed to suit working people , professionals and  church leaders who suffer from lack of time but still need to grow in their understanding of the bible and desire to better serve their local communities.

During this rich course we will hosting a group of local and international speakers covering different aspects of biblical history and culture.



Cost: Free
Skill Level: Basic
Day: Tuesday evenings 7:00 pm EST 
Time Required: 2 Hours ( for 3 months ) 
Language:  English  
Location: Online ( zoom meetings )


How The Bible Seminar Impacted My Life. 

 I had been praying for Spirit-led guidance in the discovery of God’s word for the last few years and knew that God was answering my prayers when I was invited to join the Inductive Bible Study Seminar. The inductive approach is equipping me with the tools I need to study scripture without the use of any external resources, where there’s complete reliance on the Word for. The observation tools, along with the historical context portion of Scripture unpacked and revealed insights that I had failed to absorb before. What impacted me the most was the emphasis placed on the purpose of the seminar in the very first meeting; where it was clearly stated that we are seeking God’s Word for the transformation of our character in order to be aligned with God’s purpose for our lives not to gain knowledge.                                                                                             S. Abadir 

Interested in joining our next bible seminar?

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