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Reconnect with God


Why Choose Jesus

Who is Jesus and why follow him ?

Jesus is a unique person and His life and message has transformed the lives of millions throughout generations and is ongoingly touching people till our days .To discover more we invite you to listen to this series of teaching by Josh McDowell who explains who is the person of Christ and the evidence of His life and resurrection.

The Message of the Gospel

What the Gospel of Jesus is all about ?

From the time of creation and until our days man has been been suffering from the consequences of disobedience and the resulting separation of Man from God, God has ordained and provided a way of salvation for His children to be restored and reconciled unto Him as Sons and daughters.His ultimate provision and the fulfilment of His plan took place on the cross as He chose to give Himself as the only perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind.God's Mercy and Judgement met at the cross, enabling many to receive the forgiveness of their sins and to be restored in their relationship with God.We invite to scroll down to learn more about the Gospel Message...

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Real Stories

Real People ..Real Stories..

Know a bit more about what people experienced, how they met Jesus, and what made their lives change!

Request a Free Bible.

Download a copy of the bible here or contact us to receive a physical copy. We would be happy to send you one.

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The Gospel Message

Every human makes mistakes during his life, so is considered unclean before God, the Holy, Righteous one.

But because God loves us and because He is merciful, He does not want anyone to perish because of his sins.

Our God is just. Therefore, He does not tolerate sin, but rather judges it. For this reason, God told Moses to offer animal sacrifices to atone for man's sins. However, the sacrifices were not enough to offer a complete redemption for sinful man. 

Men continued to do evil, so were always required to offer sacrifices. God used the sacrifices as a symbol of what would take place in the future, as He did when He ransomed Abraham 's son with the scapegoat or sheep. He wanted to draw man's attention to the importance of what He intended to do.

As a man's life is so precious that it cannot be redeemed by any sinful other person or an animal, God had to take the initiative and redeem man Himself. No one could save or redeem himself as all had sinned. Thus, the Almighty God, according to His pleasing will fulfilled our redemption through Christ Jesus the ultimate sacrifice with no sin nature in Him. The Word of God, Messiah, the eternal, became flesh.

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin by the miraculous work of God's Holy Spirit. He lived a glorious life without sin, performed miracles in great number, and in the fullness of time He was crucified by the hands of those. who did not accept him as Messiah. Not because he deserved crucifixion. Christ could have avoided the crucifixion if He had wanted to. Christ was content to go to the cross to fulfill the will of God and the goal for which He came. He confirmed this fact Himself, as the prophets had foretold. He was the only one fit to carry the sins of the world because He was the only one who was without sin.  

He gave Himself for us and died in our place carrying the punishment for our sin, which thus fulfilled the goal for which HE came.

On the third day, He rose from the dead, and after talking to his disciples for forty days, He was lifted up to heaven before their eyes, where he still is until He will come  again and every eye shall see him.

As for you, dear reader, you can receive the gift of salvation today and the total forgiveness of your sins. You can receive eternal life by faith, by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ made for your sins.

If this is your heart's desire and you want to be sure of the salvation of your soul and you wish to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, today. Please pray with those words,

Lord  Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I ask your forgiveness. I am sure that you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I repent of my sins and invite you to enter into my heart and my life today. I want to trust you and follow you as my Lord and Savior for the rest of my life
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