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Prophetic Seminar

Going Deeper in the revelation gifts 

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Prophetic Seminar

2 Weekends Course  

18th -19th



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Our Speaker for the Coming Seminar :


Susan Slusher 

Susan is an experienced trainer and equipper of leaders; a prophetess with a strong anointing to impart clarity of vision and the Father’s Heart to bring birth to God’s purposes in their lives.  She has a unique ability to cause people to become over comers and not be stifled in their circumstances, rather to make what appears to be stumbling blocks into their stepping stones.  She walks by the spirit and has keen revelation of reformation and the Kingdom of God, which she imparts to others with grace. 

With a heart to build the people of God, Susan travels nationally and internationally teaching, training and imparting prophetic revelation. She has a passion to help and encourage others in the Body of Christ to be prepared and activated to bring personal and corporate reformation.

Susan serves as Dean of Christian International Ministries' Equipping Network (Founder Bishop Bill Hamon). She works on equipping centers and local churches as they establish and develop their training programs.She also serves as the Director of CIGN Asia, working with CI ministers throughout Asia.

About MSG II Prophetic Seminar

About This Course

Students are trained to flow in the revelation gifts with an emphasis on prophecy. This course provides a deeper understanding of prophetic principles. Students will learn how to overcome the power of fear that would hinder them from hearing the voice of God and sharing what they hear with the Body of Christ. Students will also learn to deliver effective prophetic ministry to bless the receiver by understanding prophetic protocols and identifying possible personal character flaws and root problems. Teaching and practical demonstration (activation) are both part of this course.It is strongly recommended that MSG Part 1 be taken before taking MSG Part 2


Hosting Susan Slusher as our International Guest Speaker.



Cost: 30 $
Skill Level: Basic
Time Required: 12 Hours over 2 weekends

Saturday  Feb 5: 6 - 9 pm EST 
Sunday     Feb 6: 6 - 9 pm EST 
Friday        Feb 18: 6 - 9 pm EST
Saturday  Feb 19: 6 - 9 pm EST

Language: English & French   
Location: Online ( zoom Meetings )

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How My Encounter with The Prophetic Ministry changed my  life. 

My first encounter with the prophetic ministry was a transformative moment in my life. It came at a time of turmoil and unbelief. What made my first encounter with prophecy so profound in my case is that I was the one who was actually reached out to, by God Himself through Kingdom Springs team. I was astonished to see how God revealed the exact details of my traumatic event to someone who I have not personally known before. This was a defining moment in my life, where the enemy’s attempts to steal, kill and destroy through doubt were met utter defeat. I have been open to prophetic ministry since that time and continued to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in profound ways, as I continue to grow and mature in the Spirit.                Sandra E.                                                               

Interested in joining the Next  Prophetic Seminar ?

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