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Spiritual Gifts: a kingdom perspective

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

How many throughout your Christian walk encounter other Christians debating over spiritual gifts?

And how many of us succeeded to get out of those heated discussions in peace!!

We sometimes lose track of what is essential as we get so enthusiastic about defending our charismatic beliefs and often go out of balance.

The nice discussions turn into a nasty fight and soon before we realize it's over, we are facing the result: a broken relationship.

With the risk of always going into extremes it's easy to see that the best way to stay focused holding the right perspective is to keep the great commission in focus and as an ultimate goal.

Because Jesus left one great commandment before leaving earth and that was

to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey everything he has commanded. (Matt 28:19-20)

So, if we do nothing but that we have lost nothing and if we miss that we have missed the very heart of our mission here on earth.

We often find that keeping a kingdom mindset keeps us on track and proclaiming Jesus is much more important than fighting over spiritual gifts.

When we put the expansion of the kingdom as our primary goal our gifts natural and supernatural are now geared in the right direction and are best utilized.

They do not become an end in themselves they become tools in the hands of the master and the Lord honors that and He gives us all what we need without striving in order to accomplish the great commission.

When the bible says that Jesus '' ascended on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts to men. “in Eph 4:8 the gifts that he gives originating in heaven will work because it comes from Him the heavenly gifts carry the characteristic of the giver, they are holy, divine and good for mankind.

No wonder being used they face resistance the enemy knows that the dunamis power of the Holy spirit destroys his work.

No doubt that the enemy hates the spiritual gifts and those who carry them for they are good weapons of destruction that destroy his lies.

The final end purpose of the use and manifestation of any supernatural gift is to reinforce the message of the gospel and expand the kingdom.

With that said and in perspective many false manifestations will cease to occur as we move with the right motives in spiritual gifts:

The gifts will not be the goal but a tool to serve and to edify the saints;

The carriers of the gift will stop being defensive and will see the gifts in a balanced way;

The prophets will not be defensive if not allowed to prophecy;

The spirit of competition within one church will cease;

The Love of God and love for the Lost will be put 1st and will take the highest precedence;

The motives behind the usage of spiritual gifts will be pure and the errors that occur while administering the spiritual gift will be reduced;

The people will be drawn closer to God in a higher level of intimacy;

And all the glory will go where it belongs to God himself alone.

The early Church certainly knew how to master the basics and we can always follow in their footsteps: focus on reaching the Lost and establish God"s kingdom.

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