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The Times : An End Time Vision

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

A Prophetic End times Dream:

On the night of the 6th of July, the Lord awakened my spirit...

I saw in a night vision a dark cloud that started small and grew to become a big canopy, I saw multitudes of people under Covid -19 under that cloud and felt clearly that the people under the cloud were not able to see God or are aware of his presence.They were simply disconnected from their roots and point of stability;they had no anchor or support .They were under the cloud floating as in a space ship without gravity and a clear understanding came to me that the enemy strategized to disconnect them form their source of strength to become more vulnerable in preparation for what he wanted to do next:to mobilize the masses .He was simply setting this stage by isolating them from their anchor of stability; now that they were no longer supported or rooted they became easier to mobilize to follow his direction .So the isolation was an intentional part of his strategy to set the stage .The whole atmosphere in the vision was grey and foggy and it felt the scene was full of turmoil and commotion

In the night vision I felt anxious for the vulnerable young Christians who were not rooted in the word and I understood they were easier to get carried and drifted as they fixed their eyes on people and on social affiliations.Since their Christianity was not rooted in their relationship with God they were more in danger than the Christians firmly established on the word.

I felt big churches who are focused on one charismatic figure and not building a strong structure of home and cell churches will suffer more than other churches who are developing cell groups structure and a follow up system.

I saw churches as more of zones of influence under leaders and that those who built personal connection with their people were able to define those zones and keep their ministries better than others who kept a pulpit only ministry.

I remembered the passage in Daniel 12:3 where the Lord says:

''Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever''.

And sensed that there will be people who have understanding (or wise people ) who will strengthen others in the coming times.I felt that they will act like lighthouses that guide people in the ambiguity of the foggy storm; they are assigned by God a select group of people that God has already appointed for this time .

I felt compassion for the youth as they grow older only to find the father’s generation have passed away and in the vision I sensed the urgency to establish the youth on the word.

I sensed that those who are led by the Lord will be ready to move with an apostolic spirit to pioneer projects they will not be stars or famous people carrying titles but normal people who are able to think and move out of the box of conventional structures.

I felt that many senior Christians will be doing pastoral work caring for those in their circles even though not carriers of pastoral titles and that the Lord wants the Christian believers to connect to circles where the get fed and feed others. God will use the normal to do the Job as the need will be great.

As I was standing with the Lord in the scene, I gained understanding on why He allowed certain things to happen and the nature of the times we live in.

I could see the Lord in His Sovereignty is able to use the worst conditions to advance the kingdom as the need for His church is pressing to reach the lost.

We are certainly living in an era of history that is totally unique and resembles no other time in history.

Like the sons of Issachar,as a body we need to become a people of understanding who discern the times and the seasons and to move with strategy as the Holy Spirit Leads in the coming days.

The Kingdom Springs Editor.

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